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DR H Care is a leading Medical equipment and home nursing care service provider in India. We offer comfortable, reliable and affordable home nursing care to patients who are unable to go to a hospital or clinic. Our team of highly qualified nurses provide round-the-clock nursing care, ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible care. We also offer home health aids such as bedside oxygen concentrator, BiPAP, Monitor and infusion pumps for patients who require continuous medical support at home. Contact us today to learn more about our home nursing care services!

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Home Nursing Care

Nursing Care

Dr H Care is a service providing professional health care as well as assistance and consideration to patients of home. Home Nursing care is provided by professional nurses, practitioners or helpers with regard to the person's health needs.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care

Dr. H Care is a comprehensive resource that provides the necessary equipment for respiratory patients, old people and sick people to regain their health and well-being. The company provides many medical equipment, such as Oxygen Cylinders, Portable ventilators like Bipap, Avaps, Dream station, Cpap, Nebulizers and Oxygen Concentrator.

Physiotherapy in Hyderabad


Dr H Care is a physiotherapy organization with every essential element to help you get your wellbeing up. We offer value for money and accessibility, with a range of physiotherapy treatments that incorporate electrotherapy, manual treatment and practice treatment. We have made our company easy to connect with and we will always be friendly when you need us.

Rest Therapy

Rest Therapy

Dr H Care is a medical assistance company that provides effective and affordable treatment for sleep related issues. With Dr. H Care, you can quickly and easily get help for your sleep problems with our bundle of components which comprises a free sleep aid from the company as well as an indicative test to see if you need any additional treatment.

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