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Dr H Care is a medical store that provides Buy and Rent medical equipment. Our services are designed to make healthcare easily accessible for people of Telangana.

Dr H Care offers rental services without the hassle of buying a large amount of medical equipment upfront. We first started by providing rental service in Hyderabad

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Hospital Equipments for Rent & Sale

Dr H Care is a medical equipment rental servicewith its own storage and distribution centers. They have
a widevariety of machines and can be rented out within 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Hospital Equipments for Rent
Hospital Equipments for Rent

BiPAP Machine

Hospital Equipments for Rent

CPAP Machine

Hospital Equipments for Rent

Sleep Lab

BiPAP 40 Machine

A 40 BiPAP Machine

Hospital Equipments for Rent

Motorized Bed

Hospital Equipments for Rent


Hospital Equipments for Rent

NIV Mask

Hospital Equipments for Rent

Suction Machine

Hospital Equipments for Rent

Hospital Equipments for Rent or Sale in Hyderabad

Welcome to our premier hospital equipment collection, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional quality. We take pride in curating a comprehensive range of medical devices and instruments to elevate patient care and optimize healthcare outcomes.

Providing  Hospital Equipments for Rent or Sale, Patient Hospital bed & Hospital Bed on Rent and Sale  for home care with 1-5 manual and automatic Function, Oxygen concentrator machine, sleep study test, Patient Monitor, Pulse Meter, and more  state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to life-saving critical care equipment.

Our Services

DR H Care is a leading Medical equipment and home nursing care service provider in India. We offer comfortable, reliable
and affordable home nursing care to patients who are unable to go to a hospital or clinic.
Home Nursing Care

Nursing Care

Dr H Care is a service providing professional health care as well as assistance and consideration to patients of home.

Rest Therapy

Rest Therapy

Dr H Care is a medical assistance company that provides effective and affordable treatment for sleep related issues.

Physiotherapy in Hyderabad


Dr H Care is a physiotherapy organization with every essential element to help you get your wellbeing up.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care

Dr. H Care is a comprehensive resource that provides the necessary equipment for respiratory patients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr H Care is a comprehensive medical equipment service provide which provides home delivery installation, maintenance and servicing of medical equipment. Unlike hospitals which provide medical care. Dr H care does so at an affordable cost and thus providing case for the patients to receive their medical needs at home.

We ship out BIPAP machine within 2 hours of call or order received.

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