Dr. H-Care

About us

Dr H Care is a medical store that provides Buy and Rent medical equipment. Our services are designed to make healthcare easily accessible for people of Telangana. Dr H Care offers rental services without the hassle of buying a large amount of medical equipment upfront.

We first started by providing rental service in Hyderabad, but expanded our services to Telangana. We provide great value for patients with a competitive price, flexible rental plans and easy to use website.

Our goal is to always provide outstanding customer support in order to give our customers confidence in choosing us as their medical equipment supplier.

In 2020, we finally came up with the idea of offering online rentals and became one of the leading online rentals company in Hyderabad. Now we offer online rentals in Telangana, India, Creating the future of healthcare should be easy!

Our services are unique because we have consulted with the top home healthcare professionals from across India to make sure that our services are of the highest quality.

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