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About Dr H Care

Dr H Care Provides Medical Equipment

Dr H Care is a medical equipment rental service with its own storage and distribution centers. They have a wide variety of machines and can be rented out within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Affordable, efficient and friendly
Dr H Care provides medical services in Dubai UAE with an aim to make life care easy.
We aim to provide the best medical care
Dr H Care is a platform that aims to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient.
An affordable and sustainable option
Dr H Care is a place where you can purchase medical equipment that suits your needs without making a dent in your pocket.
Medical services
Dr H Care offers low-cost medical equipment and provides medical services like Buy & Rent.

How it works

Dr H Care: Buy and Rent medical equipment

Dr H Care is a company that specializes in buying and renting medical equipment. We have doctors, nurses, and technicians available to assist patients of all ages with their medical needs.

Choose a medical equipment

Choose from our wide range of medical equipment for purchase or rent.

Register as a patient

If you are a patient, register with us and we will take care of the rest.

Access medical equipment

Our medical equipment is easily accessible and you can use it 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Dr H Care do?

Does Dr H Care provide free medical consultations?

Can I find the nearest Dr H Care in my area?

How long does it take to receive medical equipment?

If I am looking for a good health care provider, how should I find one?


Dr H cares for your health

Dr H Care is a medical store that provides Buy and Rent medical equipment. Our services are designed to make healthcare easily accessible for people around the world. Dr H Care offers rental services without the hassle of buying a large amount of medical equipment upfront.
We first started by providing rental service in Singapore, but expanded our services to Malaysia and Indonesia. We provide great value for patients with a competitive price, flexible rental plans and easy to use website.
Our goal is to always provide outstanding customer support in order to give our customers confidence in choosing us as their medical equipment supplier.
In 2014, we finally came up with the idea of offering online rentals and became one of the leading online rentals company in Asia. Now we offer online rentals in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia!
Creating the future of healthcare should be easy!

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Dr H Care provides medical services like buy and rent equipment. We aim to make healthcare our primary goal and provide easy access to care for patients.


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